1. What is a target?

The target is the place where your character shall appear. After pushing the´START´ button, white points on the display indicate possible targets. The more white points you see the more robust your target will be. To start the Augmented Experience it's important that you move your device slowly closer towards the white points while holding your camera horizontally to the ground.


2. Why some targets don't work?

Reflecting surfaces or surfaces with equal patterns don't work well.  If you don't see many white points in the display, we recommend searching for a different target with more structure or patterns.


3. How do i select a new target?

To start again push the 'Restart' Button in the bottom right corner of the display.


4. How can I walk around the character?

You can move around your character if you move SLOWLY. You can even move or turn your camera until the character isn’t visible on the display anymore. When you turn your camera slowly back to the initial target, your character will still be there. Important for panning your camera is to move the camera always  s l o w l y.


5. How do I change the size of my  character?

You can affect the size of your character. The more distance you keep to a target before pushing the ´START´ button the bigger your character will be. 

So if you move very close to a target before pushing  the ´START´ button you will get a tiny character.


6. I tried to place the character on my hand. Why doesn’t it work?

The skin is a not recommended target since the structure is too regular. You can try to use the inner surface of your hand. If you see many white points on the display, it might work.


7. On my red carpet the character seemed to be more red as usual.

The App measures the color of your target and matches it with the 3D character to get realistic looking results. However sometimes results might be too saturated. We recommend to select a different, more multicolored target in this case.


8. Why is my character jittering or disappearing?

Your target does not work well.

Choose a better target (A good target is a surface with a lot of different structure or pattern and don’t use reflecting surfaces). The more white points you see in the display the more robust your target will be.

Be sure to hold your camera horizontally to the ground when selecting the target !



If you have any further questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us: